Stornoway Selects SIM and Cognibox to Be its Partners for the Qualification of its Contractors


Shawinigan, April 15th, 2015 – SIM announces today that Stornoway, one of the largest Canadian diamond exploration and development company, has selected SIM and Cognibox as the solution for the management of its contractors.

Stornoway’s vision is to build, with its important Canadian diamantiferous projects, one of the world’s most prestigious mining company, able to respond to a high-growth global market. In order to achieve this, Stornoway is committed to offer a safe work environment. To meet its mission’s objectives, Stornoway joins Cognibox, a contractor management system allowing us to qualify contractors and evaluate the employees’ health and safety qualification record. Stornoway’s contractors will then be invited to qualify online at in order to perform work at Stornoway’s installations. They will benefit from the expertise offered by Cognibox’ experienced team, who will assist them all along their qualification process.

Leader in contractor’s qualification management solution, SIM will provide its Cognibox system and the expertise required for the implementation of a management process, which guarantees the contractors’ compliance in regards of health and safety, regulatory compliance, environment and quality. Stornoway chose SIM’s products as these have proven their worth with more than a hundred clients using them every day for the management of their contractors.

« For Stornoway, there is no doubt that all measures must be taken to ensure a safe work environment. As a new player in the Canadian diamond industry, if we wish to guarantee everyone’s safety, it is our duty to ensure that any individual coming for work on our site complies not only with our health and safety and environmental norms, but also with the industry’s norms. This is why Cognibox becomes such a fundamental tool », mentions Mister Claude Fortin, Stornoway’s health and safety superintendent.

Cognibox Profile –

Cognibox is an online system used by the largest international corporations to manage their contractors’ qualification. Thanks to its features, Cognibox groups over 6000 contractors and 200 000 employees. Cognibox is and optimization tool for requirements in terms of health and safety, environment and quality, productivity and for contractor’s general performance. Cognibox is a trademark of SIM.