Training in Skills Assessment

This more specialized variation of the traditional trainer training aims to standardize and facilitate the role of assessing the skills of their trainees.

These assessors are usually also the foremen or work colleagues of their trainees, which implies a clear understanding of the expected role and a straightforward distinction between the title of foreman or colleague and the role of assessor of mastered skills with regard to the skills profile or a professional standard.

This training is always developed in accordance with the context in which it will be given.

Sample content

  • Specification of the role of the assessor and its distinction from the work context;
  • The process of assessment and recognition;
  • Understanding the importance of welcoming the trainee and creating a climate that favours assessment;
  • Preparing an assessment session;
  • Distinguishing different types of assessment in relation to different types of knowledge or skills;
  • Setting assessment objectives with the trainee;
  • Developing dynamic, practical and motivating assessment strategies;
  • Managing time, assessment content, and respecting the time it takes to complete the chosen assessment activities;
  • Guiding the assessment and providing feedback to the trainee;
  • Managing the post-assessment meeting and preserving the trainee’s self-esteem;
  • Recording the results in accordance with applicable standards.

Methods (in conjunction with the training diary)

  • Theoretical presentations;
  • Practical exercises;
  • Simulated assessment sessions;
  • Return to group session and constructive feedback.