Skills Management Training

Training internal trainers

SIM has been training internal trainers at various organizations for more than 40 years. And each training session was different. The key to success for this type of training is to have a complete understanding of the context in which it occurs and then adapt the training to that context. Client specifics, the type of organization, work atmosphere, etc., are among the parameters to be assessed. A customized course plan was developed and proposed each time.

Training for Trainer/Coach/Buddy, etc. is intended for employees who have been given the responsibility of training their peers in small groups, in a class, or directly “on the floor”, often using the equipment start and operate approach.

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Training in skills assessment

This more specialized variation of the traditional trainer training aims to standardize and facilitate the role of assessing the skills of their trainees.

These assessors are usually also the foremen or work colleagues of their trainees, which implies a clear understanding of the expected role and a straightforward distinction between the title of foreman or colleague and the role of assessor of mastered skills with regard to the skills profile or a professional standard.

This training is always developed in accordance with the context in which it will be given.

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