The SIM E-Learning Platform will Make it Easier to Broadcast Training for Hundreds of Dumas Contracting Employees Around the World

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 e-Learning technology for skills

SIM’s expertise in training and training management has won it a major contract to launch online internal training management at Dumas Contracting through its e-learning platform.

Dumas Contracting has mining operations in North, Central and South America, as well as in West Africa. Training is a priority for this company, and having employees spread out across the globe makes it difficult and expensive to distribute courses.

Through the SIM online training system, Dumas Contracting will benefit from anytime access, regardless of employee location, while enabling control and standardization of knowledge training for all its employees. This advanced system can also link, as needed, to the Cognibox GC training and skills management system for internal employees. For companies that use Cognibox GC, the training taken by employees is automatically integrated into their files and facilitates monitoring and management of worker skills.