Selection and Qualification

Cognibox is an online portal that enables subcontractor/supplier pre-qualification information to be gathered and shared. The Cognibox team gathers, checks and archives all supplier information. This information is available online and can be accessed by contractors at any time.

The pre-qualification service ensures that contractors do business with product and service suppliers who meet their requirements and respect their standards.

The main advantages for contractors are:

  • Questionnaires that are recognized and approved by many industry contractors;
  • Access to the universal questionnaire to select industry-specific questions;
  • Support in setting up the qualification process by experts who can make recommendations to improve and simplify the process;
  • Access to reliable, updated supplier information;
  • Ability to find new suppliers of goods and services who meet your specific criteria exactly;
  • Reduced risk associated with supply chain management.
  • And More

The advantages for suppliers of good and services are:

  • Being visible to major contractors;
  • Access to new business opportunities;
  • Access to a number of major contractors through a single, universal questionnaire;
  • Improved overall business performance through contractor recommendations.
  • And more

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