Process Optimization and Industrial Engineering

Is your productivity down? Costs have exploded? Your production or business processes no longer meet your needs? We operate in companies of all types (manufacturing, service). Using proven techniques, we improve existing processes, promote better operational management and maximize the use of human resources to increase productivity and better control costs.

SIM’s process optimization and industrial engineering service has completed, over the years, dozens of projects, each as complex as the others.
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The objective of SIM’s industrial engineering service is to offer various sections of the economy (production, manufacturing, services, consultancy firms, banks, etc.):

  • Innovative solutions to design, manage, organize and optimize the operation of complex goods or services production systems, systems that incorporate human, financial, tangible and intangible resources, and raw materials, goods, energy and information flows.

To provide this service, the industrial engineer combines mastery of the science and technology with business management skills and a multidisciplinary approach, an open mind, and a strong knowledge of mathematical and computing tools to understand the various aspects and components of a project or an industrial system.