Outsourcing Service for Qualification and Validation

SIM offers contractors an outsourcing service for the qualification and validation of their subcontractor records.

SIM makes it possible for you to tailor the qualification process to the needs of your business. We offer three solutions (basic, turnkey, and premium turnkey) that will reduce the size of the task for your Supply and OHS teams, allowing them to devote more time to optimizing your supply chain.

Basic service

The basic service enables contractors to manage the validation and qualification process themselves, and they remain responsible for following up and ensuring that subcontractors complete their qualification files.

Turnkey service

The turnkey service complements the Basic service and frees contractors from the burden of following up and ensuring that each file is complete and ready for validation. It provides significant savings of time, money and resources.

Premium Turnkey service

The premium turnkey service was developed at the request of major corporations. The SIM customer service team takes care of each step of the process, from reminders to validating subcontractor responses. This service greatly reduces the time required to qualify all your subcontractors/suppliers because the work is performed by a team of experts in qualification and validation.