Multimedia Production

Video, 3D animation and multimedia are now the key ways of broadcasting information. Whether you want to promote your business, train your employees, explain/document a work procedure or highlight your products and services, SIM offers simple and affordable solutions for all your needs:

  • Corporate presentations;
  • OHS training documents/capsules;
  • OHSD awareness documents/capsules;
  • Toolbox-type tools for discussion (facilitating meetings);
  • Technical documents;
  • Work procedures and operating guides.

Why should your company use multimedia production?

  • Effective learning through real-life examples;
  • Easy integration to an e-learning training strategy;
  • Simple and cost-effective broadcasting;
  • Standardization of messages/information across employee groups regardless of their location;
  • Interactive approach that has proved its ability to capture audience attention.

SIM offers turnkey multimedia projects that are easily rendered profitable because you can diversify your video broadcasting through adaptation to various types of digital media:

  • Web and intranet sites;
  • DVD;
  • Computer workstations;
  • Smartphones/tablets;
  • Promotional material.

A single production enables you to broadcast via a multitude of audiovisual frameworks, according to the available equipment.

With our turnkey formula, which includes video and 3D animation production (processing, editing, broadcasting), you will be able to combine:

  • Video;
  • 3D animation;
  • Narration;
  • Exercises/interactive assessment;
  • Etc.

See a layout of the various possibilities produced by SIM: