Distance (E-Learning) Business Management Training

You don’t have time? You can’t travel and want to develop your management skills? Distance education (E-Learning) is now indispensable in the world of training. SIM offers a complete range of management courses in E-Learning format. Get your training at a fraction of the cost, anywhere, at your own pace.

Advantages of online training

Lower training costs

E-Learning lets learners avoid costly travel, lodging expenses and being unavailable at the workplace for the consecutive days that public courses last. This means that a larger part of your training budget is allocated directly to learning and knowledge acquisition rather than to costs.

  • Savings in time and travel reduce your operating costs while improving employee productivity and efficiency;
  • Save expense costs related to travel (car, gas, parking, hotel, restaurants, etc.).

SIM is a training establishment recognized and accredited by Emploi-Québec. Our fees are eligible under Bill 90 relative to the 1% for training (registration certificate # 0020084).

Flexibility of use

Our training delivery platform is compatible with computers and mobile devices (tablets, smartphones). All you need is Internet access and you can take your course anywhere. E-Learning gives you the flexibility to choose the best time for learning, whether at the office, in transit or even at home.

Personalized pace

With the E-Learning format, the learner advances at his own pace. He can take the time to assimilate the material in depth without slowing down other participants. In a traditional class, course progress is adapted to the time available, not to the learning speed of the students: the result is that the pace is often too fast or too slow for you. E-Learning enables you to go at your own pace and review the material as often as you like.

Interaction with the instructor

Our delivery platform was designed to enable direct and personalized interaction with the instructor. You receive detailed corrections of your exercises and answers to all your questions. To sum up, it’s like having a private session with the instructor.


The courses are mainly lectures presented in video capsule format, so that the participant can, at any time, replay the instructor’s explanations as needed.