Creating and producing e-learning training

The SIM team offers e-Learning training solutions for companies that want to explore this unique method of skills development. In this context, our business training experts work with our IT team to support the client from start to finish for a project of this type. We could be talking about anything from manufacturing processes to health and safety training.

A well designed e-Learning training solution enables you to:

  • Offer employees or subcontractors online training that is always available;
  • Provide usability and easy navigation for the various stages of the training;
  • Easily and efficiently view the results at any time;
  • Control the navigation sequence between the modules and the tests to ensure that participants have truly reviewed all required modules before the test and/or that the test has been passed successfully before being able to move on to the following modules;
  • Limit access to the modules while the participant is taking a test. A participant should not be able to view the content (answers) while the test is in progress;
  • Require a passing grade, if you wish;
  • Allow participants to re-take tests;
  • Offer training in both languages (French and English);
  • Eliminate the risk of losing access to the training courses and the overall results;
  • Obtain optimum support and maintenance;
  • Ensure data integrity;
  • Finally, note that although these solutions can be hosted at the client’s premises, SIM can also handle all hosting, data security, backups, etc.