Training experts in Lean Manufacturing


Kruger wanted to create a team of 8 people expert in Lean techniques for its sawmill divisions.

First, Kruger stated that it wanted to conduct training to develop a team of experts in Lean Manufacturing. This team would support front-line managers in project implementations. After the course, each expert would have to complete two production facility reorganization projects.

It was in this context that SIM was brought in.

Solutions implemented

  • Awareness of the roles and responsibilities of LEAN experts

The first stage of training was to make management aware of the importance of having Lean experts at each of its plants. In this course, the emphasis was primarily on the roles and responsibilities of each person and the organizational structure in the implementation of a Lean Manufacturing expert program.

  • VAP (value added process) Training

In the second stage, once management was ready to undertake a VAP experts program, we trained experts at each sawmill. As our goal was for them to be autonomous, we trained the experts in methods of problem solving, performance management, change management, and roles and responsibilities.

  • Achievement of the VAP projects

Following the course, they completed two projects selected by management to show that they had mastered the techniques of problem solving and continuous improvement. These projects were audited by the trainer and a management representative to validate the results..