Significantly Fewer Accidents at Cliffs (Bloom Division) After Cognibox Implementation!


  1. To implement Cognibox at the Cliffs Lac Bloom site to ensure sound management of subcontractors for their phase 1 project.
  2. Complete support by SIM for follow-up with subcontractors using the chosen turnkey basic and premium services for a trouble-free implementation.

Solutions implemented

The Cognibox system was implemented and the Cliffs (Lac Bloom) contractors completed the qualification process to obtain information related to health and safety, the environment, quality and insurance and to ensure their compliance with the Cliffs standards.
Cognibox also enabled Cliffs to verify the employee profile of each subcontractor employee to ensure that people entering their site have all the training required for the type of work performed.


Significantly fewer accidents at Cliffs (Bloom Division) after Cognibox implementation! “If we compare the first 6 months of 2011 before Cognibox with the last 6 months of 2011 since Cognibox was implemented, we see a large reduction in the number of incidents. This is not by chance, and our statistics are even more encouraging for the first 2 months of 2012, with an even greater reduction than in 2011,” says Harold Gauthier, Health and Safety Coordinator, Cliffs Lac Bloom Division.

“The Cognibox community and subcontractor qualification enables us to do business with subcontractors who are top performers in health and safety, regulatory compliance, the environment and sustainable development. This translates not only into fewer health and safety incidents, but also into improved overall performance at the Lac Bloom mining site,” adds Mr. Gauthier.


The Premium service from SIM ensures that all of a company’s subcontractors are qualified according to established criteria and that the SIM customer service team will support the contractors until their files are complete and validated. “By choosing the turnkey Premium service package, Cliffs Lac Bloom Division ensured a flawless implementation. We invested minimum time and achieved maximum results,” states Harold Gauthier, Health and Safety Coordinator at Cliffs (Lac Bloom).