Developing Business Competitiveness : Analysis, Training, Coaching and Implementation


Enterprise Peninsula is an economic development agency that supports the businesses it serves. One of its objectives is to develop business competitiveness within the context of continuous improvement by focusing on supply chain, business strategies supported by action plans, development of management skills, the adoption of new technologies, marketing, start-up and project management.

Solutions implemented

The SIM team mandate was to perform a general analysis of the participating companies. After analysing the companies involved, SIM produced a summary of the training and coaching requirements, in terms of management systems, to be implemented in the second phase of the project.

Training courses were given in groups, as shown in the following table:

Group training companies #
Performance indicators and dashboards 10
Cost and performance measures 10
Business strategy 10
Value-added production (LEAN) 10
Marketing strategy 10
Analysing financial statements et Budget control 10
Techniques de Problem solving 10


There was a total of 19 training days.

All the business leaders demonstrated a keen interest in developing their staff and wanted to implement proven techniques to increase the quality of their products and services. The SIM team of experts supported (coached) and implemented the management and production techniques necessary to achieve quality in accordance with market demands.

The companies involved in this project were:

  • Les maisons suprêmes Inc.;
  • Everest Plastik Inc.;
  • Trifab Inc.;
  • Acadie Presse Inc.;
  • Métlantek Inc.;
  • Les produits Pro-Mer Inc.;
  • MAS Construction Ltd.;
  • Eco-Technologies Inc.;
  • Trusko Inc.;
  • Thermopak Ltd.;