Cognibox is a Tool That Meets the Highest Contractor Management Standards


  • To implement Cognibox within a short time frame;
  • To re-contact all subcontractors (Cognibox turnkey service) to obtain complete information for their qualification;
  • To manage subcontractor requalification after the initial deadline.

Solutions implemented

Qualification of all Alcoa subcontractors (around 475) using Cognibox.


The implementation was performed within the scheduled time frame. All subcontractor workers were transferred to Cognibox and their data input into the tool. All subcontractors whose qualifications were due to expire during the transition period received support from the SIM customer service team to enroll in the tool and complete their files. This key phase was completed successfully using only a third of the resources usually assigned to this task. Following this implementation, the qualification process using the turnkey service reduced the time required to complete a file and ready it for validation by 50% to 75%. At Alcoa, the number of hours required for various personnel was reduced by at least 60%, which allowed more time for “floor” activities and reallocation of resources to other projects.


Managing our contractors with the Cognibox tool has enabled us to better consolidate our qualification process and made our document management much more efficient. We have a centralized place where our applicants can search for the resources they need and the means to ensure that a supplier is well qualified before entering into a contractual commitment with them. This allows us, among other things, to coordinate our processes across our various sites and to share information. Well used and supported, this tool is a powerful ally for efficient and integrated management of our contractors and their subcontractors.
Mariano Côté, Regional coordinator, Alcoa Canada première fusion

Comments—Contractor point of view:

As part of its operations, Alcoa uses a large number of contractors and service companies. Managing these suppliers is a big challenge for our organization. The Cognibox tool has enabled us to significantly improve our management of these suppliers while ensuring that they are compliant with the regulations that govern them and to measure their performance in various ways. These performance indicators have, among other things, enabled some of them to improve various facets of their health and safety management.
Alcoa is a recognized leader, particularly in health and safety, and a major concern for us is continuous process improvement. The Cognibox tool enables us to pursue this goal and offers opportunities we could not otherwise have.

Comments–subcontractor point of view:

Cognibox is used exclusively to manage our contractors and their subcontractors. The tool is easy to use and enables Alcoa and its contractors to efficiently manage their health and safety files. Member contractors benefit from increased visibility to various users looking for qualified suppliers. Being a Cognibox member is an Alcoa prerequisite in order to work at its sites. All contractors must first be qualified. Thereafter, the tool is an efficient means for contractors to manage their health and safety file and enables them to improve their performance.