Michel R. Beaudry Becomes the New President of the Bas Caraquet Shipyard While Continuing his VP Duties at SIM

Michel R. Beaudry

Michel R. Beaudry steers the revival of shipbuilding activities in Bas Caraquet

After SIM performed a complete diagnostic on the issue of reopening the Bas-Caraquet naval shipyard in New Brunswick, various government agencies—federal, provincial and municipal—asked that Michel R. Beaudry of SIM be appointed to chair the steering committee of the New Brunswick shipyard.

With the support of the government, the role of the steering committee is to accomplish the revival of the operations of the New Brunswick Naval Centre (NBBC) at Bas Caraquet. Since the appointment of Mr. Beaudry as Chair of the steering committee, the various stakeholders have adopted a strategic plan for the next three years.

The mandate entrusted to Michel R. Beaudry is to put in place the necessary resources so that within 3 to 5 years the two shipyards are entirely functional and can be offered to clients for shipbuilding.

SIM’s expertise has long been known in Québec. Now it is New Brunswick’s turn to benefit from this expertise. Thus, after performing dozens of management analyses and supported New Brunswick’s small and medium businesses, Michel R. Beaudry, Vice President and Project Director at SIM, has just been appointed as Chair of the steering committee of the New Brunswick Naval Centre (NBBC) for the next few years.

infrastructures chantier naval bas-caraquet

With the adoption of the strategic plan, Phase 1 of the project can begin with the renovation of Shipyard Number 1. “Four potential tenants have already confirmed their interest in leasing facilities and building fishing boats,” said Mr. Beaudry.

The revival of shipbuilding activities in Bas Caraquet requires complete upgrading of all the facilities at an estimated cost of between 4 and 5 million dollars.

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