Health Safety and Security Management Software

There are numerous OHS challenges, and each unforeseen event entails significant costs for companies. Cognibox is the online solution (SAAS).

More than “just” a reduction in health and safety red tape for large contractors and the subcontractors who do business with them, Cognibox is synonymous with fewer accidents and due diligence, performance monitoring and positioning in relation to industry leaders. Cognibox is a powerful agent for continuous OHS improvement.

Cognibox and OHS

Qualification of companies

Cognibox enables you to present a clear picture of OHS practices and performance, organized according to the requirements of each major contractor.

The result is the ability, through indicators and integrated feedback systems, to:

  • Properly monitor performance
  • Target improvement priorities in terms of clients and OHS best practices
  • Benchmark yourself in relation to industry leaders

Health and safety training

Cognibox can:

  • Monitor OHS training requirements for clients and communicate these to them
  • Ensure that employee records are consistent, complete, clear and up to date, all certified by a recognized third party
  • Demonstrate due diligence in OHS

Work management

Cognibox enables you to:

  • Identify and clearly communicate all OHS requirements applicable to a job, a contract, a work site—well before the work is done
  • Make informed plans for project execution and prepare your team in accordance with the applicable requirements: training, PPE, permits, appropriate procedures, etc.
  • Perform on site monitoring of compliance with OHS requirements

The ultimate goal is to contribute to the creation of safe, accident-free workplaces.

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