Grace Canada Expends its Partnership with SIM by Implementing Cognibox for the Management of its Contractors

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Shawinigan, March 17th, 2015
– SIM announces today that Grace Canada inc. from Valleyfield has selected SIM and CogniboxTM as the solution for the management and qualification of its contractors.

« At Grace Canada, health and safety is a top priority on a daily basis. We have, through the years, put in place some qualification and training requirements for our contractors. However, the management and monitoring of these requirements have become a huge task. Until today, all this management was done manually, both for the management of training requirements, the update of the qualification files and the verification of the insurance expiry of our contractors. We had the wish to simplify this system and to find proper tools to allow us to better communicate our requirements to our contractors. Another major challenge was to centralize the information, to ensure that all people involved with contractors’ management at Grace Canada can access it. To achieve this, we have chosen to rely on SIM’s expertise in contractors’ management and to use CogniboxTM to implement a centralized system for the management of our contractors. In addition to having access to the information we need, we will benefit from the best practices developed by SIM in the field of contractors’ management », says Kathy Dodier, OHS coordinator at Grace Canada.

In addition to use the qualification module, the employees’ management and work management features , Grace Canada will benefit from the customer service offered by CogniboxTM. Moreover, contractors who will be invited to qualify online in order to perform work at Grace’s installations will also be able to rely on the expertise offered by the experienced CogniboxTM team to assist them all along the qualification process.

Grace is a worldwide leader in specialty chemicals. The Valleyfield plant specializes in additives and catalysts for the refining industry.

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CogniboxTM is an online system used by international leading corporations to manage the qualification of their contractors. Thanks to its features, CogniboxTM brings together more than 6 000 contractors and 200 000 employees. CogniboxTM constitutes an optimization tool in terms of health and safety, environment and quality, productivity and general performance of contractors. CogniboxTM is a trademark of SIM.