WHMIS, Update



The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System is a tool to make the use of hazardous material safe. It includes product classification and hazard signs, labeling, material safety data sheets and training of workers handling these materials.

Target audience

Workers and staff members who are likely to come into contact with hazardous materials.

Important note !   Please note that the employee must have completed the initial training within the last three years in order to complete this refresher training course. Additionally, in order for the refresher training to be entered into Cognibox, the initial training must have been previously entered.


  • Reduce the frequency of illnesses and occupational accidents caused by the use of hazardous materials;
  • Communicate danger signals;
  • Understand label requirements;
  • Know how to read the information on material safety data sheets.

Course content

  • Regulations that apply to controlled products;
  • WHMIS exclusions and inclusions;
  • Controlled products (hazardous materials) within the meaning of the law;
  • Training on the 3 means of communication:
    • Warning signs (pictograms);
    • Labels: Explanation and label creating exercise;
    • Material safety data sheets.

Educational approach

Presentations, class participation, use of real products and student manual.

Material provided

Student manual and summary sheet


A theoretical exam is used to assess knowledge.


2 hours.

The duration of the training can differ according to your needs when it is given in private enterprise.

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