WHMIS GHS training online


The E-Learning version of the WHMIS/GHS training can be done with any recent Internet browser, 24/7 and without a trainer. An interactive and dynamic training based on scenarios where the participant will have to investigate on accidents related to the use of hazardous material. The participant will have to answer quizzes, categorize products, etc. Can you discover the causes of the accident? Become an investigator!

Target Audience

Workers and staff members who are likely to come into contact with hazardous materials.

This training is not yet recognized by every client corporations.

Transition WHMIS – GHS

The WHMIS, effective in Canada since 1998, aims to reduce the incidence of diseases and professional accidents due to the use of hazardous materials in the workplace. WHMIS, as we know, is subjected to major changes since June 2015 and complies with the GHS (Globally Harmonized System) standard used worldwide. This transition will take place over the next 3 years.

This learning activity is a complete WHMIS training that presents the correspondence between the current WHMIS and its new version “GHS” to facilitate the transition for the staff concerned.

An aide-memoire of the changes of WHMIS/GHS can be downloaded and printed once the final exam is successfully completed.


  • Communicate danger signals;
  • Understand label requirements;
  • Know how to read the information on material safety data sheets.
  • To ensure that all participants are able to understand the information regarding hazardous material, according to the current WHMIS or the harmonised GHS.

Course Content

  • Regulations that apply to control products;
  • WHMIS exclusions and inclusions`
  • Controlled products (hazardous materials within the meaning of the law);
  • Trainings on the 3 means of communication:
  • Warning sign (pictograms);
  • Labels: Explanation and label creating exercise;
  • Material safety data sheets.

Educational Approach

E-Learning training.

You will take on the role of a person in charge of health and safety for a company and you will have to investigate accidents related to hazardous materials.

Some theoretical notions are seen through quizzes and other interactive learning methods. The magisterial portion is reduced to the essentials.

Educational Tools

The training can be done using any computer or an electronic tablet. Speakers or headphones are required for this training.


A theoretical exam is used to assess knowledge. Passing grade : 80 %


60 minutes


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