WHMIS (Aerospace)

SIMDUT (Aérospatiale)


The «Workplace Hazardous Material Information System» is a tool to safely use hazardous material. It includes product classification and hazard signs, labeling, material safety data sheets and training of workers handling these material.

Target Audience

Workers and staff members who are likely to come into contact with hazardous materials.


  • Reduce the frequency of illnesses and occupational accidents caused by the use of hazardous material;
  • Communicate danger signals;
  • Understand labeling requirements;
  • Know how to read the information on material safety data sheets (MSDS).

Course Content

  • Controlled products regulation;
  • WHMIS’ exclusions and inclusions;
  • Controlled products (hazardous material) according to the legislation;
    • Examples :
      • Alodine;
      • Alumiprep;
      • Ardrox AV100;
      • Glycol.
  • 3 means of communication:
    • Warning symbols (pictograms);
    • Labels;
    • Material safety data sheets.

Educational Approach

  • Presentation and interactive animation, use of real products and student manual;
  • Connection made with the manufacturer’s technical guide.

Material provided

Student manual and summary sheet.


Evaluation of the acquired knowledge through a theorical exam.

Recertification available through E-Learning.


Initial: 4 hours;
Reminder: 2 hours.

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