The number of “stupid” accidents that result from slipping, tripping or losing balance is amazing and worrisome, especially since they can sometimes have serious consequences. This online training addresses the main causes of falls, slips and loss of balance, as well as ways to prevent them.

Target Audience

All workers.


  • Define “slips,” “trips” and “falls”
  • Identify common causes of slips, trips and falls
  • Identify ways to avoid slips, trips and falls, including proper housekeeping procedures
  • List tips for walking on slippery surfaces, on stairs and in bad weather
  • List proper procedures for the use, placement and care of ladders
  • Describe steps to take when a slip, trip, or fall hazard has been identified
  • Describe first aid steps for slip, trip, and fall injuries

Course Content

  • Causes of falls, slips and trips
  • Prevention: maintenance, walkways, shoes, safe work practices
  • Situations that present a risk for falls: stairs, ladders, vehicles, platforms, storage and loading areas
  • Slippery surfaces in bad weather
  • Risk identification
  • How to fall
  • First aid

Pedagogical Approach

Training based on high-quality, realistic 3D simulations allows learners to clearly visualize risk situations and applicable solutions. Many interactions are included throughout the course to ensure the learners’ participation and understanding.


Exam requiring a mark of 85% to pass


30 minutes

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