Roof Snow Removal

Déneigement de toiture


With snow removal from roofs, where work is done under conditions that are difficult to control, the danger of falling and the need for protection are vital considerations. It is therefore important to understand the concepts of working at a height and associated safeguards in order to be able to anticipate the level and nature of the risk. Cold temperatures can make this more difficult and require workers to recognize the dangers so they can adapt their work to this constraint.  This course addresses both the concepts and methods related to falling risks as well as the danger presented by cold temperatures.

Target audience

Any person who must remove snow from roofs.


  • Ensure that all workers who remove snow from roofs recognize and understand the danger of falling and the appropriate safeguards;
  • Enable workers to understand the danger of frostbite and work management methods in winter conditions.

Course content

  • Identifying falling risks;
  • Types of protection;
  • How to wear, inspect and maintain harnesses;
  • Overview of risks associated with each type of equipment;
  • Prevention, deterrence and anti-fall system;
  • Basic technical concepts related to cold;
  • General safety and prevention standards.

Educational approach

Presentations and class participation.

Material provided

None—students should take notes.


An exam is used to assess knowledge.


2 hours.

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