Respiratory Protection (Aerospace)

Protection respiratoire (Aérospatiale)


Whenever an area is contaminated with gasses or fumes, it is vital to choose adequate protective equipment and to know how to use and maintain them functional. This training includes a fit test.

NB: This training, given for the first time or as a recertification, is always offered in it’s full version.

Target Audience

Any worker requiring to wear respiratory protective equipement to exercise their function (ex. painter).


  • Acquire and/or broaden your knowledge about human body’s natural defence against breathable contaminants;
  • Learn how to safely work in accordance to the standards;
  • Identify the various types of respiratory protection;
  • Know and understand the individual and collective measures regarding breathable particles;
  • Recognize work conditions requiring respiratory protection.

Course Content

  • Human anatomy (respiratory function);
  • Types of contaminants;
  • Types of masks (half-face or full-face);
  • Fitting, cleaning and maintenance of various types of masks;
  • PPE or collective measures… choice and cost. Advantages and inconvenients;
  • Awareness regarding YOUR protection and health!

Educational Approach

Presentation, interactive animation and demonstration.


Evaluation of the acquired knowledge through an exam.


1.5 hours (theory);
+ 20 minutes / person (fit test).

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