Respirator Fit Test

Ajustement de masques (Fit test)


To perform certain types of work, employees must undergo a leak test to determine the type of respirator that fits their physiognomy.

Target audience

Any person who must wear a respirator for protection.


  • Perform a qualitative leak test to identify the respirator best suited to the individual;
  • Learn the maintenance requirements and lifespan of the respirators used.


The objective of this session is to do a qualitative mask adjustment for each participant. Participants must be freshly shaved. A variety of half masks will be available on site. For specific models, participants must bring their own respirators. A quantitative test is recommended for self-contained breathing systems.

Educational Approach

Plan for 10 minutes per person to perform the test.


A recording of the test and the respirator recommendation will be sent to each participant.


15 minutes per participant.
The duration of the training can differ according to your needs when it is given in private enterprise.


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