Process Audit

Audit des processus


Examination of business process performance entails a thorough assessment of management’s strategic objectives. This course therefore enables analysis of all the facets of a process audit leading to continuous improvement. Audits can be an excellent way to identify opportunities for improvement and can contribute significantly to the improvement process. However, given the time and resources allocated to audits, the results do not always measure up: often, the result is limited to a list of isolated nonconformities and does not provide a true overall picture. This is partly because the audit process itself could be improved, and also because many auditors feel at a disadvantage when it comes to process audits and assessing their effectiveness. This course aims specifically to address these gaps and to help auditors do their work better.

Target audience

Those who are responsible for quality, audits, and internal auditors for ISO 9000, 14000 systems.

Course plan

Day 1

  • Becoming familiar with the basic principles of process management;
  • Concepts of deliverables, inputs, outputs, monitoring, performance measurement systems, responsibilities, etc.
  • Identifying key elements to check and how to audit them when performing a process audit.

Day 2

  • Mastering the use of a basic tool for proper process auditing and developing the ability to change and adapt the tool according to your own needs;
  • Learn how to “tell the forest from the trees” or, in audit terms, how to distinguish between the specific symptoms of dysfunction, trends, and root causes in order to contribute effectively to the process of continuous improvement.


To put into practice an effective audit methodology for all company process mapping, establish a timeline for company business processes and thus move towards continuous improvement of business processes.


2 days

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