Problem Solving

Résolution de problèmes


This two-day course is designed for those seeking creative ways to resolve problem situations that they may continue to use in efforts at continuous improvement. The course uses a simulation format, in which paticipants are given an opportunity to resolve a problem using a disciplined approach.

Target audience


Course plan

Day 1

  • Presentation of the simulation;
  • The zero problem track;
  • Principles of continuous improvement;
  • The PDCA approach;
  • The 7 steps of the problem-solving process;
  • Problem definition and analysis;
  • Perception and its traps;
  • Symptom or problem;
  • How to identify a problem;
  • Simple or complex problem, and which tool to use;
  • First-generation tools;
  • Second-generation tools.
  • Simulation:
    • Defining the problem;
    • Tools for problem definition.

Day 2

  • Simulation:
    • Problem analysis tools;
    • Tools for assessing and choosing a solution;
    • Prioritization matrix;
    • Planning corrective measures;
    • How to choose a performance indicator.
  • The resolution process and its integration into current operations;
  • Dashboards—representation and interpretation;
  • The handling of complex problems and the relevant tools:
    • Affinity diagrams;
    • Interrelationship diagrams;
    • Tree diagrams;
    • Matrix diagrams;
    • The arrow diagram;
    • The PDPC diagram.


  • Adopt a disciplined method to resolve problems regardless of their complexity;
  • During a simulation, learn and use the 7 steps of the problem-solving process;
  • Use the various tools available for each step of the problem-solving process;
  • Adopt an approach that will enable selection of appropriate solutions for problem solving.

This course relies heavily on class participation: many scenarios, as well as time scheduled for discussion and exchange, ensure better assimilation and mastery of the tools and concepts and enable participants to learn from each other’s experiences.


2 days.

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