Methodology for Purchasing ERP Software

Méthodologie d’achat d’un logiciel ERP


It is increasingly difficult for business manages to have to interpret the extent of information related to the many technological applications, especially when combined with learning the terminology used by the computer industry, its sophisticated architectures and understanding the philosophy of each brand that tries to distinguish itself from its competitors.

Target audience

All managers, administrators, IT department managers and others involved in the acquisition of an ERP or other system.

Course plan

Day 1

Subjects covered:

  • Role and responsibilities of a selection committee;
  • Principles of the methodology for purchasing ERP software:
    • Breakdown of the major assessment steps (planning and control);
    • Action levels (strategic, tactical and operational).
  • Understanding and assessing the architecture and components of the range of software available on the market;
  • Various local, North American and international brands (architecture, philosophy, price);
  • Functionalities, their applications, modules, features, and customization;
  • Needs analysis, risk analysis and ROI;
  • Expectations and stakes.

Day 2

  • Strategic planning for a computerized management solution acquisition project;
  • Strategic planning for an approach to funding;
  • Tactical planning: overall plan, risk analysis, estimates and schedule;
  • Operational planning: detailed plan, schedule;
  • Operational control: progress metrics, earned value and individual review;
  • Tactical control: project committee, change requests, progress reports;
  • Strategic control: steering committee;
  • Change management;
  • Communication plan with management and the committees involved;
  • Choice of monitoring tools, comparative analysis, weighting grid;
  • Achievement plan for a purchasing process;
  • Creating tools for monitoring and assessment.


This course aims to empower business managers to assess their requirements for computerized management technology and for their technological development. Using generalized technical terms, we enable business managers to perform a fast, accurate and complete self-assessment of their business needs when choosing a computerized management solution.


2 days.

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