Marketing Strategy

Stratégie Marketing


Businesses and public organizations today must be able to deal with technological innovations, market globalization, instability in some industries, changes in values, etc. The marketing function, because it presupposes a good understanding of the markets, contributes to the strategic orientation of a business. Our expertise in this area will guide you in choosing and developing a marketing strategy.

This course will also enable you to demystify the language used by marketing gurus and grasp its meaning and application.

Target audience

Employees in marketing, sales, customer service and middle and senior managers.

Course plan

Day 1

  • Basic marketing dimensions;
  • The modern concept of marketing;
  • E-commerce and E-marketing;
  • Strategic planning in marketing;
  • The marketing trilogy;
  • Defining the market in marketing;
  • Analyzing demand:
    • Product;
    • Buyers;
    • Market indicators;
    • Time horizon;
    • Estimating market demand.
  • Estimating demand;
  • So-called uncontrollable environmental variables;
  • Analyzing competition;
  • Customer experience management;
  • The purchasing decision process;
  • Customer influence factors:
    • Individual dimensions;
    • Social dimensions;
    • Commercial dimensions.

Day 2

  • Market segmentation;
  • The segmentation process;
  • Segmentation basics;
  • Targeting strategies;
  • Product positioning;
  • The marketing mix;
  • Product strategy:
    • Brand management;
    • The process of innovation and product development;
    • Features of a product lifecycle.
  • Communication strategy;
  • Types of communication;
  • Communication tools;
  • Promotions;
  • Public relations;
  • Sponsorships;
  • The sales force;
  • Direct marketing;
  • Interactive marketing;
  • Publicity;
  • Distribution strategy:
    • Exclusive;
    • Selective;
    • Intensive;
  • Pricing strategy;


  • Understand and use modern marketing concepts adapted to the context of goods, consumer or industrial manufacturing, or to consumer or industrial service businesses;
  • Recognize the concepts related to consumer and organizational purchasing behaviour;
  • Become familiar with marketing research tools;
  • Become familiar with the marketing planning process;
  • Develop the skills to analyse and develop basic marketing strategies (supply, demand and competition);
  • Adopt approaches and methods for developing marketing mix strategies;
  • Develop the skills to prepare a marketing plan.

This course relies heavily on class participation: many scenarios, as well as time scheduled for discussion and exchange, ensure better assimilation and mastery of the tools and concepts and enable participants to learn from each other’s experiences.


2 days.

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