Mapping and Reorganizing Business Processes

Cartographie et réorganisation des processus d’affaires


The portrait of a company’s operations and its product and service delivery system must include process mapping. This necessary step enables the modeling of process optimization or the setting up of a control mechanism.

Target audience

All managers and administrators who must define administrative, management, operational or production processes, and who want to streamline, refine or reduce them.

Course plan

Day 1

  • The influence of the mission and company objectives on mapping and business processes;
  • The various principles of business process organization and their respective advantages and disadvantages;
  • The usefulness of business process mapping and timelines, both as they are now (current) and as they should be (future);
  • Defining milestones for proper mapping of business processes;
  • Including roles and responsibilities in mapping and setting a process timeline.

Day 2

  • Presentation of a strong mapping process and a business process timeline;
  • Testing mapping and business processes using real and concrete examples.
  • Analysis of operational process diagrams in order to reveal and make possible improvements to the processes and to identify ineffective costs at the process or management level (VAP, GVA);
  • Implementation of new business processes.


  • Identify clearly and accurately those processes that could benefit from being reworked;
  • Put into practice an effective mapping methodology and establish a timeline for company business processes and thus guide the business process reorganization;
  • Identify clearly and accurately those activities that do not add value to the processes and thus help to focus work on value-added activities;
  • Involve the team responsible for mapping and company business processes.

This course focuses mainly on the practical work of various mapping methods.


2 days.

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