Ladders and Stepladders

échelle et escabeau


It is not necessary to fall from a great height to suffer a severe or fatal injury…all it takes is improper use of a ladder or stepladder! This mainly practical course is specifically designed to enable participants to acquire the knowledge and work methods required to work safely with a ladder or stepladder. It also reviews some basic concepts from the Fall Protection course.

Target audience

Anyone who is likely to use a ladder or stepladder in the course of their duties.


To master the principles and methods for safe use of a ladder or stepladder.

Course content

  • Legal framework;
  • Selection of equipment;
  • The work area;
  • Securing a portable ladder;
  • Working on a ladder or stepladder;
  • Using a stepladder;
  • Inspection;
  • Practical exercises.

Educational approach

Presentation and interactive activities, practical exercises with ladder and stepladder, boundary markers, etc.


Knowledge is assessed through an exam and observation during a practical exercise.


1.5 hours.
Duration of the course can vary according to your needs when it is given in a private company. 

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