ISO 28000

ISO 28000


ISO 28000 2007 specifies the requirements for a security management system, including critical aspects to ensure supply chain security. Security management is linked to many other aspects of business management. These aspects include all organization-controlled activities that affect or influence supply chain security. These aspects must be clearly considered, where and when they influence security management, including the transport of goods along the supply chain.

ISO 28000 2007 is applicable to organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to multinationals, who want production or supply chain security at every stage during the manufacture, maintenance, storage or transport of goods.

Target audience

Managers and employees in supply, logistics or purchasing; Sales and Human Resources managers.


Course plan

Day 1

Comparison of two programs to the security sections of your business:

  • Self-analysis of the measures in place at your business;
  • Study of the security manual to be written;
  • Policy statement, vision and corporate mission;
  • Description of facilities;
  • Emergency measures;
  • Physical security;
  • Security procedures;
  • Staff safety;
  • Procedures related to business partners (suppliers and others);
  • Corporate code of conduct;
  • Training and awareness;
  • Access control policy;
  • Documents policy;
  • Sample documents;
  • Discussion of cases studies  and solution templates.

Day 2

Study the features of the ISO 28000 standard that are not included in the C-TPAT program:

  • Flowchart of the security chain process;
  • Flowchart of the company’s internal security processes;
  • Methodology for measuring security risks and developing counter-measures;
  • Table of supply chain risk scenarios;
  • Classification of consequences;
  • The incident risk evaluation chart;
  • And others.


Here is the new series of ISO standards for supply chain management to better reduce the risk of terrorism, piracy and fraud. The ISO 28000 series provides effective support for the implementation of initiatives customs security at national and international levels, including the C-TPAT program (Customs-Trade Partnership against Terrorism) of the United States.

According to Alan Bryden, ISO Secretary General, the threats facing international markets know no boundaries. The ISO 28000 series provides a global solution to this global problem. With an internationally recognized security management system, supply chain stakeholders can ensure the security of goods and people while facilitating international trade and thus contribute to the preservation of the global public good.


2 days.

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