Inventory Management

Gestion des stocks


This course enables organizations to optimally manage supply flows in relation to certain variables such as, for example, type of inventory, types of activity, pace and waiting periods.

Target audience

All managers who control logistics, inventories, shipping, warehouse, production, purchasing and operations.


Course plan

Day 1

  • The goals of inventory management;
  • Guiding principles;
  • Stakes;
  • Inventory types;
  • The inventory function;
  • Dependent and independent demand;
  • Inventory classifications;
  • Criteria for inventory criticality and the degree of control;
  • Inventory-related costs;
  • Batch purchasing and production;
  • Calculating safety stock.

Day 2

  • Inventory accounting methods;
  • Excess inventory;
  • Just in time inventory management;
  • Kanban;
  • Planning principles;
  • Calculating storage space.
  • Storage systems;
  • Information management and RFID;
  • Physical counts;
  • Stock rotation;
  • Performance indicators;
  • Managing spare parts.


To acquire the appropriate knowledge and skills to be able to meet the requests of internal and external clients concerning supplies while minimizing inventory shortages and surpluses as well as backorder situations.

This course relies heavily on class participation: many scenarios, as well as time scheduled for discussion and exchange, ensure better assimilation and mastery of the tools and concepts and enable participants to learn from each other’s experiences.


2 days.

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