hot work welding


The HOT WORK e-learning training can be carried out with your internet browser 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without any supervision. It is a dynamic and interactive training. It is not unusual that fires in the workplace occur during the execution of a quick five minutes task in an area which is inappropriate for welding and cutting.

Target Audience

Any person who performs welding works or another activity involving risks of fire.

This training is not yet recognized with all client corporations.


  • Understand phenomena associated with fire :
    • How and why it is triggered;
    • How it travels.
  • Understand the importance of fire prevention as well as the legal and regulatory requirements applicable.
  • Identify :
    • Situations presenting risks during hot work;
    • Prevention treatment associated to hot work.
  • Identify the appropriate individual protection equipment for main work.
  • Familiarize yourself with procedures and documentation applicable to hot work.
  • Avoid any fire!

A reference guide can be downloaded and printed once the exam is succesfully completed.


  • Obligations et responsibilities ;
  • Fire prevention ;
  • Types of protection;
  • The management of systems, files, permits and various forms.


A theoretical exam is used to assess knowledge. Passing grade : 80 %

Educational Approach

E-learning training.

Theorethical concepts are explored via quizzes and other interactive learning methods. The lecture aspect is reduced to its minimum.

Educational Tools

The training can be done using any computer or electronic tablet. Speakers or headphones are required for this training.


30 minutes

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