Hearing Protection

Protection auditive


“Getting used to the noise” is a mistake that can be dangerous. Hearing impairment is progressive and is often wrongly perceived as being accustomed to the noise. In fact, the damage has already been done. Hearing loss is permanent; a hearing aid can, at best, compensate, but it cannot restore. This is why it is important to be able to identify as quickly as possible the risks for hearing loss and to make every effort to avoid permanent damage.

Target audience

Workers and staff who are exposed to noise.


  • Understand the importance of using hearing protection when the noise level is high enough to cause hearing loss;
  • Identify the various diseases of the ear;
  • Recognize the warning signs of deafness;
  • Understand the effects of deafness on health;
  • Know how to prevent hearing loss;
  • Identify hearing protection devices and their features;
  • Know how to use and maintain hearing protection.

Course content

  • The effects noise has on health;
  • Prevention;
  • Protection.

Educational approach

Presentations and class participation.


An exam is used to assess knowledge.


1 hour.

The duration of the training can differ according to your needs when it is given in private enterprise.

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