Forklift With Telescopic Mast

Chariot élévateur mât télescopique – Skytrack


This training course teaches how to safely operate forklifts with telescopic masts.  It will also help participants develop the skills required to inspect and operate a forklift in a careful and safe manner.

Target audience

Beginner and experienced forklift operators.


  • Read the load capacity of a forklift truck on the descriptive plate;
  • Describe the effect of starts, stops, turns, ramps, and load on forklift stability;
  • Know the various safety measures required to operate a forklift with telescopic mast;
  • Identify the various controls and instruments and explain how they function;
  • Perform a forklift with telescopic mast inspection;
  • Describe and apply preventive measure and work procedures related to:
    • The handling of various loads;
    • Moving around on a worksite.

Course content

  • Basic technical concepts;
  • General safety and prevention standards;
  • Operational check before start;
  • Operation and handling techniques.

Educational approach

Presentations, class participation, video and practical exercises.


A 10-question exam is used to assess knowledge. The practical part of the course is evaluated using grid analysis.


8 hours.

The duration of the training can differ according to your needs when it is given in private enterprise.



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