F.O.D (Foreign Object Damage)

F.O.D. (Foreign Object Debris)


FOD (Foreign Object Debris or Foreign Object Damage) are a threat to the safety of aircraft and passengers, in addition to cost a lot of money annually to the aerospace industry for damages.

Target Audience

All staff.


In addition to being a threat to the aircrafts and their passengers, F.O.D (Foreign Object Damage) are extremely costly each year to the aerospace industry for the damage they cause.

This trainings aims to raise awareness within the personnel about the dangers F.O.D. can cause, through:

  • Prevention;
  • Adoption of the philosophy “clean as you go !”;
  • Tool control.

Course Content

  • Definition of the F.O.D;
  • Prevention of the F.O.D.

Educational Approach

Presentation, videos, demonstration and documentation provided to the employee.


No evaluation is necessary for this training.


1.5 hours.

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