FET-5 (Alcoa)

FET-5 (Alcoa)


This course is designed for company employees who are qualified to work with high and low voltage. The course will enable them to stay safe in their work environment by being aware of electrical risks and knowing how to avoid injury.

Target audience

  • Electricians and electrical technicians;
  • People qualified to work with high and low voltage.



  • Learn to recognize risks;
  • Learn how to work safely around electrical equipment;
  • The CSA Z-462 standard.

Course content

  • Electrical risks;
  • Safety practices;
  • PPEs;
  • The concept of “Qualified”;
  • Low voltage;
  • High voltage;
  • High-voltage mobile equipment;
  • Audits.

Educational approach

Presentations and video.


16 hours.

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