Fall Protection, Update

Protection contre les chutes

Target Audience

All company employees and subcontractors.

Important note !   Please note that the employee must have completed the initial training within the last three years in order to complete this refresher training course. Additionally, in order for the refresher training to be entered into Cognibox, the initial training must have been previously entered.

Course Objective

To ensure that all work done at a height and/or requiring tools to reach elevated structures is performed in a safe manner by all employees, subcontractors and contractors.

This training applies to all work requiring the use of a ladder, stepladder, scaffold, or elevator platform (forklift platform, scissor lift, and telescopic platform). The use of a harness and other personal protection equipment is also covered.

Course Content

  • Obligations and responsibilities;
  • Identifying fall risks;
  • Types of protection;
  • Inspection and maintenance of harnesses and lifting equipment;
  • List of risks associated with each type of equipment;
  • Prevention, restrictive and anti-fall system.

Educational Approach

Lectures, interactive activities, videos and practical exercises with harness and equipment.

Material Provided

Course outline.


An exam is used to assess knowledge.


Full course, 8 hours; recall, 4 hours.

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