Fall Protection (Aerospace)

Protection contre les chutes (Aérospatiale)


Fall Protection : Anticipating the risk

It is not necessary to fall from very high up to become seriously injured, or even to die. It is then imperative to master the basic fall protection techniques in order to recognize and prevent the risks associated with work at height.

Customized Protection

According to the method required to perform a job in conditions which are hard to control (both for contractors and subcontractors), the fall hazards and the needs in terms of protection are variable. It is therefore important to be able to anticipate the level and the nature of the risk with the help of apropriate access systems and customized protective equipment.

Target Audience

All company employees and subcontractors.


  • To ensure that any work at height and/or requiring tools to access elevated structures is safely executed by all employees, subcontractors and contractors;
  • This training applies to all work requiring the use of a ladder, stepladder,scaffold and/or elevator platform (forklift platform, scissor lift, and telescopic platform). The use of harness and other personal protective equipment is also covered.

Course Content

Obligations and responsabilities;

  • Identifying fall hazard;
  • Types of protection;
  • Inspection and maintenance of harnesses and lifting equipment;
  • Risk inventory for each equipement;
  • Prevention, restrictive and anti-fall system.

Educational approach

Presentation, videos and practical workshops with harnesses and equipment specific to aerospace craft.


Evaluation of the acquired knowledge through an exam.


8 hours.
The duration of this training could be adapted to your specific needs when given privately.

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