Disc Cutter

disc cutter


Workers must have the technical knowledge and skills required to work safely. With this training, the person handling a disc cutter will become aware of the risks they can be exposed to during their work and preventive measures to avoid them.


  • Understand the various safety regulations in effect in Quebec regarding this subject;
  • Inform participants about the main parts of a circular saw;
  • Understand the hazards when working with a circular saw;
  • Know the correct methods to use a disc cutter (operation, inspection, maintenance, storage, PPE);
  • Know the different types of discs used with this equipment (registration on the circular saw);
  • Recognize the possible consequences of an injury when using this equipment;
  • Understand the limits of this type of equipment.

Course Content

  • Introduction :
    • Context;
    • Objectives;
    • Definition;
    • Legal framework.
  • Cause of accidents/incidents
  • Types and particularities :
    • Types of circular saws;
    • Functions and limits;
    • Components.
  • Safety rules before using the equipment :
    • Safe behavior;
    • Conditions to perform the work;
    • Starting the equipment
    • Elements to avoid;
    • Health and safety risks ;
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Safety rules when using the equipment :
    • Cutting position;
    • Handling the equipment;
    • Work methods;
    • Equipment shutdown.
  • Inspection, maintenance, storage and transportation

Target Audience

Beginners and experiences workers.

Educational Approach

  • Using documentation (PowerPoint presentation, exam, videos etc.);
  • Animation and class participation.


3 hours.
The length of the training may vary according to your needs when it is given in private enterprise.

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