Customer Service

Service à la clientèle


Customer loyalty is crucial and involves the accountability of all employees who deal with it. It is important to create a comprehensive strategy for the service that the organization wants to deliver to its customers to create loyalty and facilitate resales.

Target audience

Customer service representatives, senior and middle managers.

Course plan

Day 1

  • Respond quickly and effectively to customer needs to resolve disputes and claims in a positive way;
  • Learn to manage time and stress;
  • Learn oral communication techniques;
  • Learn customer service standards;
  • Learn the gaps that affect customer satisfaction;
  • Learn human resources management for service;
  • Learn how to evaluate call centres;
  • Learn the system for managing complaints and claims.

Day 2:

  • Key components of customer service;
  • Managing the customer experience and relationship;
  • The 10 customer expectations;
  • The desire to satisfy the customer;
  • Rules to follow regarding telemarketing phone calls;
  • 6 steps to deal with difficult customers;
  • 10 golden rules to relax [or calm customers down];
  • The PRIMA approach to developing objectives;
  • The Eisenhower matrix;
  • The contribution of technology;
  • The assessment grid for the user-friendliness and management quality of the company website;
  • Security issues.


Having good customer service is an integral part of the business and one that affects the most important company objectives, such as customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention, purchase of options [or upselling], referrals, etc. In light of these business implications, there is continuous pressure on businesses to improve customer perception of their services. It is important to note that removing the main irritants, even if they are clearly identified, and improving the customer experience necessarily entail a financial investment, corporate engagement, a clear and well-communicated strategy, monitoring and constant assessment of the parameters. All of this must become an integral part of a well-structured strategic project.


2 days.

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