Confined Space

Espaces clos

Target Audience

All company employees and subcontractors who must work in a confined space.


  • Acquire and/or increase knowledge of the safety regulations in effect in Quebec;
  • Learn how to safely use equipment designed for work and monitoring in a confined space;
  • Understand the specific responsibilities of each person who works or supervises in a confined space;
  • Learn how to implement work procedures and meet regulatory requirements;
  • Know what information sources and which people to consult while working in a confined space.

Course Content

  • The legal framework in Quebec;
  • Risks in a confined space and corrective measures;
  • Stakeholders;
  • Equipment;
  • Emergency plan;
  • Management of confined space;
  • Gas detection and ventilation.

Educational Approach

Lectures, interactive activities


An exam is used to assess knowledge.


Full course, 4 hours; recall, 3 hours.


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