Confined Space, Update

Espaces clos

Target Audience

All company employees and subcontractors who must work in a confined space.

Important note !   Please note that the employee must have completed the initial training within the last three years in order to complete this refresher training course. Additionally, in order for the refresher training to be entered into Cognibox, the initial training must have been previously entered.


  • Acquire and/or increase knowledge of the safety regulations in effect in Quebec;
  • Learn how to safely use equipment designed for work and monitoring in a confined space;
  • Understand the specific responsibilities of each person who works or supervises in a confined space;
  • Learn how to implement work procedures and meet regulatory requirements;
  • Know what information sources and which people to consult while working in a confined space.

Course Content

  • The legal framework in Quebec;
  • Risks in a confined space and corrective measures;
  • Stakeholders;
  • Equipment;
  • Emergency plan;
  • Management of confined space;
  • Gas detection and ventilation.

Educational Approach

Lectures, interactive activities.

Material provided

Course outline.


An exam is used to assess knowledge.


Full course, 4 hours; recall, 3 hours.


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