Confined Space (Aerospace)

Espaces Clos (Aérospatiale)


Training about confined space, those entirely or partially enclosed areas, unfit for occupancy. Confined spaces are uneasy to access and getting out of them imposes challenges. They are therefore a threat to workers’ health and safety (for example : cisterns, tanks, shafts, aircraft wings, etc.).

Prime contractors, employees or subcontractors who must acknowledge the risk involved with confined space, such as those that may lead to asphyxia, intoxications, as well as explosion and fall hazard, or even to death.

Target audience

Any technician having to perform work in confined space.


  • Discover and/or broaden the knowledge of health and safety regulation prevailing in Quebec and at the federal level regarding confined space;
  • Safely use the adapted equipment to work and monitor the work in confined space;
  • To know the specific responsabilities of each participant in the realization or the management of the work in confined space;
  • To apply the procedures and the regulatory requirements;
  • To know the sources of information and the resource persons available for reference when performing work in confined space.

Course Content

  • Legal workframe in Quebec and on a federal level;
  • Potential risks in confined space and corrective measures;
  • People involved;
  • Equipment;
  • Emergency plan;
  • Management of confined spaces.
  • Explosion-proof equipment;
  • Adaptation to the maintenance manual according to the type of aircraft.

Educational approach

Presentation, interactive animation, simulation done inside aircraft wings.


Evaluation of the acquired knowledge through an exam.


4 hours (theorical) for the engineers.

8 hours (theorical and practical exercises) for workers and technicians
The duration of this training could be adapted to your specific needs when given privately.

Possibility of E-Learning recertification.

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