Coal Tar Pitch

Brai de houille


Because of coal tar’s toxicity, jobs that entail exposure to it need strict preventive measures for both its delivery and storage. Coal tar recovery and the cleaning of areas and equipment that have been exposed to it are considerations as important as personal hygiene, medical observation and atmospheric controls.

Target audience

Workers and staff who may come into contact with coal tar.



To develop the skills required to understand coal tar characteristics and the preventive measures that should be adopted.

 Course content

  • What is coal tar?
  • Affected areas;
  • Health risks;
  • Standards and levels of exposure;
  • Required protection;
  • Medical treatment;
  • First aid.

Educational approach

Presentations, class participation.


An exam is used to assess knowledge.


1 hour.

The duration of the training can differ according to your needs when it is given in private enterprise.

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