Trade with the United States is both simple and complex. In order to reduce wait times and avoid inspections and the resulting costs, we offer a course that will enable you to master the accreditation processes related to the latest international customs security programs.

(NB: The standard edition of C-TPAT is a general training suitable for all types of businesses).

Target audience

Those responsible for shipping to the United States, for logistics, for Sales, etc.

Course plan

Day 1

  • What is C-TPAT?
  • The new role and objectives of American customs;
  • The concerns of Canadian exporters;
  • The process of securing container transport (CSI—Container Security Initiative) :
    • Objectives;
    • Procedures;
    • Key elements.
  • The Free and Secure Trade (FAST) system :
    • The FAST program;
    • Objectives;
    • Transporter responsibilities.
  • The Pre-Arrival Processing System (PAPS) :
    • Objectives;
    • Procedures;
    • Operation.
  • Advantages of C-TPAT :
    • Certification procedures;
    • Program objectives and structure.
  • The insurance process :
    • Principles;
    • Procedures.

Video clip


  • Learn the C-TPAT (Custom Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) approach to accreditation;
  • Understand and apply the program’s security principles;
  • Understand and use the documents required to perform an analysis of your company in regard to C-TPAT;
  • Acquire the skills to prepare the necessary documents for submission to customs authorities.

This course relies heavily on class participation: many scenarios, as well as time scheduled for discussion and exchange, ensure better assimilation and mastery of the tools and concepts and enable participants to learn from each other’s experiences.

For this course, we provide a toolbox kit on CD that includes:

  • A security manual in Word format;
  • A questionnaire that does a security gap analysis of your company (1,500 questions) in Excel format;
  • A questionnaire to send to your suppliers to ascertain their level of security (450 questions) in Excel format;
  • Letters for your suppliers in Word format;
  • A PowerPoint course to train your employees.


2 days.

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