Budget Control

Contrôle budgétaire


You want to improve your company’s profitability. You are looking to develop company growth efficiently. It is advisable to set up a budget planning system that relies on modern management principles and within which company growth will be self-regulated by the adaptation of budget control to the strategic objectives of the entire organization.

Target audience

All company officers and managers who, without having been trained for this specifically, must understand and use budgets and other budget forecast documents in the course of their work.

Course plan

Day 1

  • The budget plan and its objectives;
  • Business plan objectives vs. budget plan objectives;
  • The links between shareholders and the budget plan;
  • Essential conditions for the implementation of a budget;
  • Budget structure;
  • The budget development process;
  • Principal budgets:
    • Cash;
    • Investment;
    • Sales;
    • Expenses;
    • Production;
    • Services offered in the company.
  • Main features of a budget;
  • The advantages and limits of a budget.

Day 2

  • Budget control and monitoring;
  • Budget monitoring methods:
    • Discrepancies;
    • Product;
    • Dynamic budgeting;
    • Trends;
    • Budgeting based on the primary activities of the company;
    • Zero-based budgeting;
    • Difficulties faced by a company that has management without budgets;
    • The dashboard and budget monitoring .


  • Develop the skills to make appropriate assumptions when developing a budget;
  • Establish a budget plan that suits your company;
  • Acquire and use effective analysis tools in order to make strategic improvements to the entire organization;
  • Use dashboards as a tool to measure and monitor performance.

This course relies heavily on class participation: many scenarios, as well as time scheduled for discussion and exchange, ensure better assimilation and mastery of the tools and concepts and enable participants to learn from each other’s experiences.


2 days.

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