Beryllium (Aerospace)

Béryllium (Aérospatiale)


This training aims to raise the employees awareness about beryllium (Be), a hard and light metal used as an alloy. It remains nevertheless dangerous under certain forms, and the worker must be protected against it’s potential harm.

NB: This training, given for the first time or as a recertification, is always offered in it’s full version.

Target Audience

Workers and other employees likely to be in contact with beryllium (ex. : machinist).


Ensure that the emissions from a contaminant or that the use of a hazardous material does not endanger the worker’s health. Inform his employees about the potential risks involved with their job and ensure to provide proper training and supervision. Communicate the list of hazardous material used in the building for the workers, the health and safety board members, and any other institution involved under the regulation to acknowledge.

Course Content

  • What is beryllium?
  • Where can it be found?
  • Impacts on health;
  • Technical measures to minimize exposure to the metal;
  • Working method to minimize exposure;
  • STEV and respiratory protection;
  • Sampling;
  • Screening test.

Educational approach

Presentation and interactive animation.


Evaluation of the acquired knowledge through a test.

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