Sensibilisation à l’amiante


Under Article 51, paragraphs 8, 9 and 13 of the LSST (L.R.Q., chapter S-2.1), the employer must ensure that the emission of a contaminant or the use of a hazardous material will not affect the health or safety of anyone at a work site. The employer must also provide workers with adequate information about the risks related to the work and ensure they receive appropriate education, training, and supervision. Finally, the employer must provide a list of the hazardous materials used in his company to workers, the health and safety committee, and other institutions stipulated in the regulation.

Further, under Article 3.23.7 of the Safety Code for construction work (S-2.1,r.6), before undertaking work that is likely to produce asbestos dust, the employer must train and inform workers about the risks, prevention measures, and safe work practices.

This training course on asbestos conforms to the legislated information objective.

Target audience

Workers and staff who may come into contact with asbestos.


  • Give a brief description of the regulatory requirements that apply to work with asbestos;
  • Define the terminology and concepts related to work with asbestos;
  • Describe health risks and preventive measures;
  • Select the personal protection equipment required to work with asbestos;
  • Choose and apply decontamination procedures in accordance with the associated risk.

Course content

  • Exposure to asbestos;
  • Materials that may contain asbestos;
  • Responsibilities;
  • Protection.

Educational approach

Presentations, class participation.


1 hour.

The duration of the training can differ according to your needs when it is given in private enterprise.

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