Accident Investigation and Analysis

Enquête et analyse d’accident


To avoid reoccurrence, the organization must search for solutions, develop and apply corrective or preventive measures that are also based on previous incidents and events.

Target audience

OHS managers, supervisors, members of the OHS committee or other OHS workers.


Most of the time, accidents do not occur when everything is normal and in order; rather, they happen when there are irregularities or disturbances in one or more of the following areas: organization, task, equipment, time or individual. How do you find the signs of dysfunction in a work situation? In practice, after an event, the accident investigation is the most appropriate source of information.

We address the following items:

  • Definition of an accident according to the Regulation;
  • Definition of an accident according to the OHSMS;
  • What to investigate (recent past, minor injury, incident, etc.)?
  • When to investigate?
  • The process of investigation and analysis;
  • Report follow-up;
  • Conditions for success.

Educational approach

Lectures are complemented by various learning activities: exercises, case studies, simulations and discussion.

Material provided

  • Investigation and analysis form;
  • Flowchart of the investigation process;
  • Follow-up table for corrective and preventive actions.


7 to 8 hours.

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